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  At- Different Venues in SOUTH AFRICA

*     This will be the first edition of the ICC U-19 Womens World Cup.
*     Sixteen teams, including five Associate teams, will be participating in the competition, with 41 matches being played in 15 days.
*     The entire tournament will be held in two cities - Benoni and Potchefstroom.
*     Both cities hosted the Mens U-19 World Cup in January, 2020.
*     Teams have been split into four groups.
*     The top three teams from each group will progress to the Super Six League stage, where teams from Group A will play against Group D and Group B will compete against Group C.
*     Rwanda and Indonesia will be playing the World Cup for the first time.
*     Australia, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, and USA constitute Group A, while England, Pakistan, Sri Lanka and Rwanda constitute Group B.
*     Ireland, Indonesia, New Zealand and West Indies form Group C, while India, South Africa, UAE and Scotland constitute Group D.
*     Four matches will be held each day during the group stage.
*     The Super Six stage will begin on January 20.
*     Semifinals will be held on January 27 and the final on January 29.

FIXTURE (India and Knockout Matches):
14 January: India vs South Africa (5.15pm IST)
16 January: India vs UAE (5.15pm IST)
18 January: India vs Scotland (5.15pm IST)
20 January: A4 vs D4 (1.30pm IST); B4 vs C4 (5.15pm IST)
21 January: C3 vs B1 (1.30pm IST); B3 vs C1 (1.30pm IST); A1 vs D2 (5.15pm IST); D1 vs A2 (5.15pm IST)
22 January: D1 vs A3 (5.15pm IST); C2 vs B3 (5.15pm IST)
23 January: D3 vs A2 (5.15pm IST); B2 vs C3 (5.15pm IST)
24 January: C1 vs B2 (5.15pm IST); D2 vs A3 (5.15pm IST)
25 January: B1 vs C2 (5.15pm IST); D3 vs A1 (5.15pm IST)
27 January: Semifinal-1 (1.30pm IST); Semifinal-2 (5.15pm IST)
29 January: Final (5.15pm IST)

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