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  Khelo India Jr Women Swimming Series: Odisha bag 55 prizes
30 Mar 2024

Odisha bagged 55 out of a total of 99 prizes in the Khelo India Junior Women Swimming Series 2023 (Round-2, Zone-4), which was held in Patna, Bihar on 29 and 30 March 2024. Odisha girls secured first, second and third prizes in 12 events each, fourth prize in nine events and fifth prize in 10 events.

Divyanka Dibyajyoti Pradhan was most successful among Odisha competitors, winning four first prizes. Swimmers from five states participated in this series, which was organised by Swimming Federation of India, under the aegis of Sports Authority of India.

Madhya Pradesh, Chhattisgarh, Bihar and Jharkhand were other four states in the fray. Cash prizes were given to swimmers securing first to fifth positions. Competition was held in under-18 and under-15 age groups.


Odisha contingent was supported by the Department of Sports & Youth Services, Government of Odisha. All types of arrangements, such as air travels, lodging and boarding facilities were arranged by the government of Odisha.


1. Divyanka Dibyajyoti Pradhan, 200m breaststroke (Under-18).
2. Anchal Bag, 200m breaststroke (Under-15).
3. Arpita Samal, 100m butterfly (Under-15).
4. Anshika Aradhana Sahoo, 200m freestyle (Under-15).
5. Divyanka Dibyajyoti Pradhan, 200m individual medley (Under-18).
6. Anshika Aradhana Sahoo, 200m individual medley (Under-15).
7. Divyanka Dibyajyoti Pradhan, 100m breaststroke (Under-18).
8. Anchal Bag, 100m breaststroke (Under-15).
9. Ayusree Dutta, 400m freestyle (Under-18).
10. Divyanka Dibyajyoti Pradhan, 200m butterfly (Under-18).
11. Arpita Samal, 200m butterfly (Under-15).
12. Anshika Aradhana Sahoo, 100m freestyle (Under-15).

1. Vadra Satpathy, 200m freestyle (Under-18).
2. Mahika Mahakur, 100m backstroke (Under-18).
3. Priyadarshini Rout, 100m backstroke (Under-15).
4. Akankshya Nayak, 100m butterfly (Under-18).
5. Shristee Kalas Siney, 100m butterfly (Under-15).
6. Aliyana Panda, 200m breaststroke (Under-15).
7. Akankshya Nayak, 200m backstroke (Under-18).
8. Priyadarshini Rout, 200m backstroke (Under-15).
9. Vadra Satpathy, 400m freestyle (Under-18).
10. Anshika Aradhana Sahoo, 400m freestyle (Under-15).
11. Ayusree Dutta, 200m butterfly (Under-18).
12. Shristee Kalas Siney, 200m butterfly (Under-15).

1. Akankshya Nayak, 200m freestyle (Under-18).
2. Chinmayee Behera, 200m freestyle (Under-15).
3. Rani Naik, 100m backstroke (Under-18).
4. Arpita Seth, 100m backstroke (Under-15).
5. Anupriya Panda, 100m butterfly (Under-18).
6. Priyadarshini Rout, 200m individual medley (Under-15).
7. Vadra Satpathy, 200m backstroke (Under-18).
8. Arpita Seth, 200m backstroke (Under-15).
9. Mahika Mahakur, 100m breaststroke (Under-18).
10. Anupriya Panda, 400m freestyle (Under-18).
11. Chinmayee Behera, 400m freestyle (Under-15).
12. Pratikhya Nandi, 200m butterfly (Under-15).

1. Mahika Mahakur, 200m freestyle (Under-18).
2. Reshma Majhi, 200m freestyle (Under-15).
3. Daspreet Kaur Sodhi, 100m backstroke (Under-18).
4. Anita Banchhor, 100m backstroke (Under-15).
5. Priyasha Roy, 100m butterfly (Under-18).
6. Ayusree Dutta, 200m backstroke (Under-18).
7. Anuva Jena, 200m backstroke (Under-15).
8. Rani Naik, 100m breaststroke (Under-18).
9. Reshma Majhi, 400m freestyle (Under-15).

1. Priyadarshini Rout, 200m freestyle (Under-15).
2. Shristee Kalas Siney, 100m backstroke (Under-15).
3. Shreejeeta Mahakur, 100m butterfly (Under-15).
4. Akankshya Nayak, 200m individual medley (Under-18).
5. Shreejeeta Mahakur, 200m individual medley (Under-15).
6. Rani Naik, 200m backstroke (Under-18).
7. Manyata Mishra, 200m backstroke (Under-15).
8. Pratikhya Nandi, 400m freestyle (Under-15).
9. Reshma Majhi, 100m freestyle (Under-15).
10. Daspreet Kaur Sodhi, 100m freestyle (Under-18).
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TOP: With 4 first prizes to her name, Divyanka Dibyajyoti Pradhan was the most successful Odisha competitor at the Khelo India Junior Women Swimming Series 2023 (Round-2, Zone-4), held in Patna on 29 and 30 March 2024.
RIGHT: Lakshmi Chandra Mahakur, Joint-Secretary of both Swimming Federation of India and Odisha State Swimming Association, presents the cash prizes in Patna on 30 March 2024.


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