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  Canoe Sprint Open National: Odisha harvest 23 medals
17 Sep 2023

Odisha achieved outstanding success in the National Open Canoe Sprint Championship, bagging a total of 23 medals in the four-day event, which was held at Tehri Lake in Uttarakhand from 14 to 17 September 2023. The 23 medals featured eight gold, six silver and nine bronze.

Odisha women team bagged the runners-up trophy. Odisha also qualified in all 12 events for the 37th National Games, scheduled to be held in Goa from 25 October to 9 November 2023.


Odisha Kayaking & Canoeing Association (OKCA) fielded a 23-member State squad in this National Championship. Odisha squad, featuring, 13 men and 10 women athletes, was accompanied by three coaches.


Tomthilnganba Ngashepam, Thongam Rahul Singh, Khangembam Nanao Meitei, Suraj Bijale, Irom Borish Singh, Sagar Meena, Satyam Baliyan, Avinash Shingam, Phairenbam Borish Singh, Moirangthme Jabez Singh, Laishram Borish Singh, Thongam Memocha Singh, Ahongshangbam Naobi Singh.
Women: Pukhrambam Roji Devi, Kaushal Nandinin Thakur, Oinam Bidya Devi, Shruti Chougule, Fulamani Xaxa, Sachima Kerketta, Salam Arshi Devi, Rasmita Sahoo, Moirangthem Sophia Devi, Madhusmita Nayak.
Coaches: Laishram Johnson Singh, Prithviraj Shinde, Rajkumar Nishad.

C-2 Women 5000m (Rasmita Sahoo, Salam Arshi Devi).
Gold: K-2 Mix 500m (Thongam Rahul Singh, Pukhrambam Roji Devi).
Gold: K-4 Women 1000m (Pukhrambam Roji Devi, Oinam Bidya Devi, Shruti Chougule, Fulamani Xaxa).
Gold: C-4 Women 500m (Rasmita Sahoo, Madhusmita Nayak, Salam Arshi Devi, Moirangthem Sofia Devi).
Gold: C-2 Women 500m (Rasmita Sahoo, Sachima Kerketta).
Gold: C-4 Women 200m (Salam Arshi Devi, Moirangthem Sofia Devi, Rasmita Sahoo, Sachima Kerketta).
Gold: K-2 Women 200m (Oinam Bidya Devi, Fulamani Xaxa).
Gold: K-4 Men 200m (Tomthilnganba Ngashepam, Suraj Bijale, Khangembam Nanao Meitei, Thongam Rahul Singh).

Silver: K-4 Men 500m (Tomthilnganba Ngashepam, Thongam Rahul Singh, Khangembam Nanao Meitei, Suraj Bijale).
Silver: C-2 Mix 500m (Thongam Memocha Singh, Rasmita Sahoo).
Silver: C-1 Men 500m (Avinash Shingam).
Silver: K-2 Men 1000m (Tomthilnganba Ngashepam, Khangembam Nanao Meitei).
Silver: C-2 Men 1000m (Phairembam Borish Singh, Avinash Shingam).
Silver: K-1 Men 200m (Khangembam Nanao Meitei).

Bronze: K-2 Women 500m (Shruti Chougule, Oinam Bidya Devi).
Bronze: C-4 Men 1000m (Moirangthem Jazeb Singh, Laishram Borish Sigh, Thongam Memocha Singh, Ahongshangbam Naobi Singh).
Bronze: K-4 Men 1000m (Irom Borish Singh, Thongam Rahul Singh, Sagar Meena, Suraj Bijale).
Bronze: C-2 Women 1000m (Rasmita Sahoo, Salam Arshi Devi).
Bronze: C-2 Men 5000m (Phairembam Borish Singh, Ahongshangbam Naobi Singh).
Bronze: K-2 Men 500m (Irom Borish Singh, Sagar Meena).
Bronze: K-4 Women 500m (Oinam Bidya Devi, Pukhrambam Roji Devi, Shruti Chougule, Fulamani Xaxa).
Bronze: K-1 Women 200m (Pukhrambam Roji Devi).
Bronze: K-4 Women 200m (Shruti Chougule, Oinam Bidya Devi, Elin Alrica Toppo, Fulamani Xaxa).
----------------------------------------------------------------------------- PICS -----------------------------------------------------------------------------
TOP: Players and coaches of the Odisha squad pose for a group photo on September 9 before proceeding to Uttarakhand for the National Open Canoe Sprint Championship.
RIGHT: Kayaking and canoeing athletes of Odisha team pose with the runners-up trophy in Uttarakhand on 17 September 2023.


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