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  Debasis, Susama crowned Strongman and Strongwoman
25 Sep 2022

Debasis Mohanty (Khordha) and Susama Ray (Mayurbhanj) were crowned as Strongman and Strongwoman respectively in the 29th Odisha State Powerlifting Championship, which concluded at Utkal Karate School in Bhubaneswar today.

Khordha emerged team champions with a total of 128 meedals, which included 62 gold, 37 silver and 29 bronze. Mayurbhanj finished runners-up with 21 medals (12 gold, 6 silver, 3 bronze), while Cuttack secured the third position with 24 medals (11 gold, 11 silver, 2 bronze).

Around 270 lifters from 15 districts and institutions participated in the three-day championship was organised by Odisha Powerlifting Association (OPA).



MEN: 53kg Sub-junior:
1. Anil Nayak (Sundargarh), 2. Sudarshan Mandal (Khordha), 3. Badal Baliarsingh (Khordha). 53kg Sub-junior Benchpress: 1. Sudarshan Mandal, 2. Badal Baliarsingh. 53kg Junior: 1. Baibhaveswar Sahoo (Cuttack), 2. Rinku Mohanta (Mayurbhanj), 3. Amritanshu Sahoo (Cuttack). 53kg Junior Benchpress: 1. Amritanshu Sahoo, 2. Wasim Akram (Khordha).
66kg Sub-junior: 1. Dukhiram Marandi (Mayurbhanj), 2. Anup Sah (Mayurbhanj), 3. Somanath Paraset (Ganjam). 66kg Sub-junior Benchpress: 1. Dhirendra Kumar Swain (Cuttack), 2. Sk Mustakin (Khordha), 3. Sayan Sarma Sarakar (Khordha). 66kg Junior: 1. Abhisek Mohanta (Mayurbhanj), 2. Prabir Kumar Prusty (Mayurbhanj), 3. Bhupenananda Padhi (Khordha). 66kg Junior Benchpress: 1. Bhupenananda Padhi, 2. Biswajit Nayak (Khordha), 3. Gyana Ranjan Samal (Koraput). 66kg Senior: 1. Abhisek Mohanta, 2. Pradumna Beura (Cuttack), 3. Bindu Sagar Kalas (Khordha). 66kg Senior Benchpress: 1. Bindu Sagar Kalas, 2. Pradumna Beura, 3. Suryakanta Behera (Khordha). 66kg Master-3: 1. Narayan Sethi (Cuttack). 66kg Master-1 Benchpress: 1. Santosh Dash (Khordha).
74kg Sub-junior: 1. Debi Prasad Mohanty (Khordha), 2. Alok Choudhury (Cuttack), 3. BP Sarda Prasad (Khordha). 74kg Junior: 1. Sanatan Mallik (Khordha), 2. Chandan Mohanta (Mayurbhanj), 3. Sk Md Salam (Khordha). 74kg Senior: 1. Debasis Mohanty (Khordha), 2. Sanatan Mallik, 3. Chandan Mohanta. 74kg Master-2: 1. Sisira Bhattamisra (Khordha). 74kg Sub-junior Benchpress: 1. Debi Prasad Mohanty, 2. BP Sarda Prasad, 3. Mohini Mohan Bharat (Cuttack). 74kg Junior Benchpress: 1. Dibya Ranjan Sahu (Cuttack), 2. Chandan Mohanta, 3. Aditya Tripathy (Koraput). 74kg Senior Benchpress: 1. Imtiyaz Mohammad (Khordha), 2. Chandra Kanta Rana (Khordha), 3. Santu Kuldeep (Koraput). 74kg Master-1 Benchpress: 1. Bomai Ravi (Rayagada). 74kg Master-2 Benchpress: 1. Sisira Bhattamisra.
83kg Sub-junior: 1. Ayush Kumar (Khordha), 2. Ghanashyam Behera (Cuttack), 3. Soumya Ranjan Samantara (Koraput). 83kg Sub-junior Benchpress: 1. Ayush Kumar, 2. Soumya Ranjan Samantara, 3. Milan Patsani (Khordha). 83kg Junior: 1. Ahwan Das (Khordha), 2. Sarthak Sarangi (Khordha), 3. Mahendra Nath Murmu (Khordha). 83kg Junior Benchpress: 1. Dipti Ranjan Dakua (Khordha), 2. Mahendra Nath Murmu, 3. S Yeswanth Rao (Khordha). 83kg Senior: 1. Rakesh Satpathy (Khordha), 2. A Sameer Raja (Rayagada), 3. Badal Behera (Khordha). 83kg Senior Benchpress: 1. Rakesh Satpathy, 2. Badal Behera, 3. Jagnyadatta Bhukta (Angul). 83kg Master-1: 1. Prafulla Amanatya (Raygada), 2. Abhishek Acharya (Khordha), 3. Bulu Pradhan (Angul). 83kg Master-1 Benchpress: 1. Prasant Kumar Pradhan (Angul), 2. Abhishek Acharya, 3. Prafulla Amanatya. 83kg Master-2: 1. Krushna Chandra Sahu (Khordha).

WOMEN: 43kg Sub-junior: 1. Selina Swayamprava (Khordha). 43kg Junior: 1. Soumya Prava Tudu (Mayurbhanj). 43kg Sub-junior Benchpress: 1. Selina Swayamprava (Khordha).
47kg Senior: 1. Susama Ray (Mayurbhanj), 2. Dhanimani Tudu (Mayurbhanj), 3. Vidya Salve (Khordha). 47kg Senior Benchpress: 1. Subhadra Samal (Khordha).
52kg Sub-junior: 1. Madhupriya Bai (Khordha). 52kg Sub-junior Benchpress: 1. Madhupriya Bai. 52kg Junior: 1. Pravati Singh (Mayurbhanj), 2. Sushree Sushmeta (Khordha), 3. Rasmita Maharana (Khordha). 52kg Senior: 1. Pravati Singh (Mayurbhanj).
57kg Junior: 1. Jyotirmayee Sahoo (Khordha). 57kg Junior Benchpress: 1. Jyotirmayee Sahoo. 57kg Senior: 1. Jyotsna Rani Routray (Khordha), 2. Aishwarya Pattnaik (Khordha). 57kg Senior Benchpress: 1. Jyotsna Rani Routray (Khordha), 2. Aishwarya Pattnaik (Khordha).
63kg Sub-junior: 1. Ananya Anindita Giri (Khordha). 63kg Junior: 1. Devi Singh (Mayurbhanj), 2. Srabani Jena (Khordha), 3. Champabati Jena (Khordha). 63kg Junior Benchpress: 1. Srabani Jena, 2. Champabati Jena. 63kg Senior: 1. Devi Singh, 2. Sangita Brahma (Khordha). 63kg Senior Benchpress: 1. Sangita Brahma.
69kg Junior: 1. Pragati Jena (Sundargarh), 2. Priyanka Pataik (Khordha). 69kg Senior: 1. Swagatika Khatei (Khordha), 2. Pragati Jena, 3. Shradhanjali Behera (Khordha). 69kg Senior Benchpress: 1. Sharmila Subudhi (Khordha). 69kg Master-1: 1. Sarmistha Senapati (Khordha). 69kg Master-1 Benchpress: 1. Sarmistha Senapati.
76kg Sub-junior: 1. Sneha Bisoi (Sundargarh). 76kg Junior: 1. Dibyalekha Mishra (Khordha), 2. Monali Sahu (Khordha). 76kg Junior Benchpress: 1. Dibyalekha Mishra, 2. Monali Sahu. 76kg Senior: 1. Dibyalekha Mishra, 2. Monali Sahu, 3. Rajasmita Sahoo (Khordha). 76kg Senior Benchpress: 1. Rajasmita Sahoo. 76kg Master-1: 1. Damayanti Sahoo (Angul).
84kg Sub-junior: 1. Manisha Rana (RSP). 84kg Junior: 1. Amisha Rana (RSP). 84kg Senior: 1. Tanaya Panda (Khordha), 2. Amisha Rana. 84kg Senior Benchpress: 1. Tanaya Panda. 84kg Master-1: 1. Pratima Rath (Cuttack), 2. Gitanjali Nayak (Khordha). 84kg Master-1 Benchpress: 1. Pratima Rath, 2. Gitanjali Nayak.
Above 84kg Junior: 1. Mamani Palei (Mayurbhanj). Above 84kg Senior: 1. Nagma Ara Begum (Khordha), 2. Anita Behera (Khordha), 3. Mamani Palei. Above 84kg Benchpress: 1. Nagma Ara Begum, 2. Anita Behera.
----------------------------------------------------------------------- PICS -----------------------------------------------------------------------
TOP: Debasis Mohanty and Susama Ray pose with the State Strongman and Strongwoman Trophy in Bhubaneswar on 25 September 2022.
RIGHT: Medal winners with guests and office-bearers at the closing ceremony of the Odisha State Powerlifting Championship in Bhubaneswar on 25 September 2022.


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