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Editor Sanatan Pani

Maruti Estate Private Limited, a real estate development firm in association with cricket club Saheed Sporting has been giving this award since 1993. From 2005-06, junior category was added to increase the segment of the award to two. The award carries cash incentive of Rs 10,000 for the senior and Rs 5,000 for the junior categories. ROLL OF HONOUR 1992-93: Ranjib Biswal 1993-94: P Jayachandra 1994-95: Rashmi Ranjan Parida 1995-96: Prashant Mohapatra 1996-97: Debasis Mohanty 1997-98: Pravanjan Mullick 1998-99: Shiv Sundar Das 1999-2000: Sanjay Satpathy 2000-01: Debasis Mohanty 2001-02: Pravanjan Mullick 2002-03: BBCC Mohapatra 2003-04: Deepak Mangaraj 2004-05: Debasis Mohanty 2005-06: Senior: Pravanjan Mullick,Junior: Lagnajit Bej 2006-07: Senior: Debasis Mohanty, Junior: Govind Ranjan Podar 2007-08: Debasis Mohanty 2008-09: Basant Mohanty
A committee, comprising the journalists and officials of Maruti Estate and Saheed Sporting Club choses the awardees.

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