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Editor Sanatan Pani
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  At- MDCN Stadium, New Delhi

*     India have been placed in Pool C
*     Sixteen junior international teams will fight it out for the title with hockey giants -- Australia, Germany, Netherlands, Argentina, Korea, Pakistan, besides hosts India -- among the challengers.
*     The tournament features pools of four followed by quarter-finals, semi-finals, classification and medal matches.
*     Pool A will feature Germany, Pakistan, Belgium and Egypt, while Australia, Spain, Argentina and France are competing in Pool B.
*     Pool C consists of Netherlands, Korea and Canada, besides India. England, New Zealand, South Africa and Malaysia will be going head to head in Pool D.
December 6: Korea v Canada, Australia v Argentina, Spain v France, New Zealand v Malaysia, Germany v Belgium, Pakistan v Egypt, England v South Africa, Netherlands v India.
December 7: Australia v Spain, Argentina v France, South Africa v Malaysia, New Zealand v England.
December 8: Belgium v Egypt, Pakistan v Germany, Korea v Netherlands, India v Canada.
December 9: Argentina v Spain, Australia v France, England v Malaysia, South Africa v New Zealand.
December 10: Germany v Egypt, Belgium v Pakistan, Netherlands v Canada, India v Korea.
December 11: Rest Day
December 12 (Quarterfinals): 4th Pool A v 4th Pool D, 1st Pool A v 2nd Pool B, 4th Pool B v 4th Pool C, 1st Pool D v 2nd Pool C, 3rd Pool A v 3rd Pool D, 1st Pool B v 2nd Pool A, 3rd Pool B v 3rd Pool C, 1st Pool C v 2nd Pool D.
December 13 (Semifinals): Loser Match 26 v Loser Match 28, Winner Match 26 v Winner Match 28, Loser Match 30 v Loser Match 32, Winner Match 30 v Winner Match 32.
December 14: Loser Match 25 v Loser Match 27, Winner Match 25 v Winner Match 27, Loser Match 29 v Loser Match 31, Winner Match 29 v Winner Match 31.
December 15: Loser Match 33 v Loser Match 35, Winner Match 33 v Winner Match 35, Loser Match 34 v Loser Match 36, Winner Match 34 v Winner Match 36.

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