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  At- Bidanasi Ground, CUTTACK

ORGANISED BY: Football Association of Odisha
*     Altogether 15 Cuttack-based clubs and institutions would vie for the title after being divided into four groups.
*     The Second Division League, featuring 21 group league and six super league matches, would concluded on July 28.
*     The top team from each group would qualify for the super league.
*     Eight super league matches will be played from July 24 to 28.

Eleven Gun Club, Odisha Fisheries Recreation Club, Lalbag Club, Jay Bharat Club.
Group-B: Royal Club, Telecom, Anchalika Sports Association, Rovers Club.
Group-C: Centra Rice Research Institute, Jay Mangala Club, Postal Accounts Recreation Club, Milita Harijana Seva Sangha.
Group-D: LIC Sports Club, Uday Club, Club `n` Club.

July 11:
LIC Sports Club vs Uday Club (2.30 pm) and CRRI vs Jay Mangala Club (4.00 pm).
July 12: PARC vs Milita Harijan SS (2.30 pm) and Royal Club vs Telecom (4.00 pm)
July 13: LIC Sports Club vs Club `n` Club (2.30 pm) and Eleven Gun vs Odisha Fisheries (4.00 pm).
July 14: CRRI vs PARC (2.30 pm) and Jay Mangala vs Milita Harijana SS (4.00 pm).
July 15: Uday Club vs Club `n` Club (2.30 pm) and Royal Club vs Anchalika SA (4.00 pm).
July 16: Jay Bharat CC vs Odisha Fisheries (2.30 pm) and Rovers Club vs Telecom (4.00 pm).
July 17: CRRI vs Milita Harijana SS (2.30 pm) and Lalbag vs Eleven Gun (4.00 pm).
July 19: Telecom vs Anchalika SA (2.30 pm) and Rovers Club vs Royal Club (4.00 pm).
July 20: Jay Bharat CC vs Eleven Gun (2.30 pm) and Odisha Fisheries vs Lalbag (4.00 pm).
July 21: Rovers vs Anchalika SA (2.30 pm) and Jay Mangala vs PARC (4.00 pm).
July 22: Jay Bharat CC vs Lalbag Club (4.00 pm).

July 24:
A-1 vs C-1 (2.30 pm) and B-1 vs D-1 (4.00 pm).
July 26: A-1 vs B-1 (2.30 pm) and C-1 vs D-1 (4.00 pm).
July 28: B-1 vs C-1 (2.30 pm) and A-1 vs D-1 (4.00 pm).

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