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Editor Sanatan Pani
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HOST: Odisha Cricket Association
DESCRIPTION: This tournament, which was postponed at the half-way stage due to Women’s World Cup, will resume from Super League stage.

Balasore, Bhubaneswar-A, Jharsuguda
Group-B: Cuttack-A, Khurda, Keonjhar
Group-C: Cuttack-B, Sundargarh, Angul
Group-D: Bhubaneswar-B, Jajpur, Rourkela

SUPER LEAGUE MATCHES (Two-day/90-overs innings):
March 24-25:
Balasore vs BBSR-A (Nimpur Ground), Cuttack-A vs Khurda (Ravenshaw Ground), Cuttack-B vs Sundargarh (Barabati Stadium), BBSR-B vs Jajpur (Bidanasi Ground).
March 26-27: BBSR-A vs Jharsuguda (Ravenshaw Ground), Khurda vs Keonjhar (Bidanasi Ground), Sundargarh vs Angul  (Nimpur Ground), Jajpur vs Rourkela (Barabati Stadium).
March 29-30: Jharsuguda vs Balasore (Nimpur Ground), Keonjhar vs Cuttack-A (Bidanasi Ground), Angul vs Cuttack-B (Ravenshaw Ground), Rourkela vs BBSR-B (Barabati Stadium).

SEMIFINALS (Four-days/Four-innings):
April 1 to 4:
Group-I winners of vs Group-III winner s (Ravenshaw Ground) and Group-II winners of vs Group-IV winner s (Barabati Stadium).
FINAL (Four-days/ Four-innings): April 6 to 9

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