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  At- Saheed Sporting Ground, BHUBANESWAR

ORGANISED BY: Saurabh Sehgal, Odisha First-Class cricketer, UK Level 2 Qualified Coach and BCCI Level 1 Trainee Coach. E-mail:, Phone: 8249145233/ 9861015752.

*     The camp, featuring 15 sessions, will be conducted in collaboration with guest coaches Deepak Mangaraj, Rakesh Mohanty and Kadambini Mahakud (BCCI Level 1 Trainee Coach).
*     A team of 15 to 17 players in age group of 14 to 18 years are expected to participate.
*     Aim of the camp is to impart training as per NCA (National Cricket Academy) guidelines focusing on One-on-One Sessions, Video Sessions, Strategic Sessions, Fielding Sessions and Game Planning.
*     Sport Science Expert Dr Mukti Prasad Dash will conduct special sports science sessions and provide his support as physio.

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