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Editor Sanatan Pani
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  At- Vintage Club, BHUBANESWAR

ORGANISED BY: The Vintage Club

*     The 6-Red Snooker is known as instant format of cuesports.
*     A match in this format is played with six red balls instead of regular 15 red balls.
*     Because of the shorter format, this game is highly unpredictable and exciting.
*     The forthcoming tournament will be played on league-cum-knock-out format, where in eight groups, consisting of five players in each group, would compete.
*     Top two players from each group would qualify for pre-quarterfinals.
*     All the league matches would be of best of five frames, pre-quarterfinal onwards would be best of best of seven fames, quarterfinals best of nine frames, semifinals best of 11 frames and final best of 13 frames.

*     Winner - Rs 10,000; Runner-up - Rs 5,000; Losing semifinalists - Rs 2,000 each; Losing quarterinalists - Rs 1,000 each; Losing Pre-quarterfinalists - Rs 500 each.

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