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Editor Sanatan Pani
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  At- Different venues in INDIA

ORGANISED BY: Hockey India

*     The 5th edition of HIL will feature six teams _ Ranchi Rays, Jaypee Punjab Warriors, Delhi Waveriders, Kalinga Lancers, Dabang Mumbai and Uttar Pradesh Wizards.
*     Susanta Kumar Dash is the Executive Director of Odisha team, Kalinga Lancers.
Jan 21 (Match No 1): Dabang Mumbai vs Ranchi Rays at Mumbai
Jan 22 (Match No 2): Kalinga Lancers vs Delhi Waveriders at Bhubaneswar
Jan 23
(Match No 3): Kalinga Lancers vs Ranchi Rays at Bhubaneswar
Jan 24 (Match No 4): Dabang Mumbai vs Uttar Pradesh Wizards at Mumbai
Jan 26 (Match No 5): Ranchi Rays vs Kalinga Lancers at Ranchi
Jan 27 (Match No 6): Dabang Mumbai vs Jaypee Punjab Warriors at Mumbai
Jan 28 (Match No 7): Ranchi Rays vs Delhi Waveriders at Ranchi
Jan 29 (Match No 8): Kalinga Lancers vs Uttar Pradesh Wizards at Bhubaneswar
Jan 30 (Match No 9): Dabang Mumbai vs Delhi Waveriders at Mumbai
Jan 31 (Match No 10): Dabang Mumbai vs Kalinga Lancers at Mumbai
Feb 1 (Match No 11): Ranchi Rays vs Jaypee Punjab Warriors at Ranchi
Feb 2 (Match No 12): Ranchi Rays vs Dabang Mumbai at Ranchi
Feb 3 (Match No 13): Kalinga Lancers vs Jaypee Punjab Warriors at Bhubaneswar
Feb 4 (Match No 14): Ranchi Rays vs Uttar Pradesh Wizards at Ranchi
Feb 5 (Match No 15): Kalinga Lancers vs Dabang Mumbai at Bhubaneswar
Feb 7 (Match No 16): Delhi Waveriders vs Jaypee Punjab Warriors at Delhi
Feb 8 (Match No 17): Delhi Waveriders vs Uttar Pradesh Wizards at Delhi
Feb 9 (Match No 18): Jaypee Punjab Warriors vs Ranchi Rays at Chandigarh
Feb 10 (Match No 19): Uttar Pradesh Wizards vs Kalinga Lancers at Lucknow
Feb 11 (Match No 20): Jaypee Punjab Warriors vs Dabang Mumbai at Chandigarh
Feb 12 (Match No 21): Delhi Waveriders vs Kalinga Lancers at Delhi
Feb 14 (Match No 22): Jaypee Punjab Warriors vs Uttar Pradesh Wizards at Chandigarh
Feb 15 (Match No 23): Delhi Waveriders vs Dabang Mumbai at Delhiat Lucknow
Feb 16 (Match No 24): Uttar Pradesh Wizards vs Ranchi Rays at Lucknow
Feb 17 (Match No 25): Jaypee Punjab Warriors vs Delhi Waveriders at Chandigarh
Feb 18 (Match No 26): Jaypee Punjab Warriors vs Kalinga Lancers at Chandigarh
Feb 19 (Match No 27): Uttar Pradesh Wizards vs Delhi Waveriders at Lucknow
Feb 20 (Match No 28): Uttar Pradesh Wizards vs Jaypee Punjab Warriors at Lucknow
Feb 21 (Match No 29): Delhi Waveriders vs Ranchi Rays at Delhi
Feb 22 (Match No 30): Uttar Pradesh Wizards vs Dabang Mumbai at Lucknow
Feb 25 (Match No 31): First semifinal at Chandigarh
Feb 25 (Match No 32): Second semifinal at Chandigarh
Feb 26 (Match No 33): Third and Fourth place at Chandigarh
Feb 26 (Match No 34): FINAL at Chandigarh.

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