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Kalinga Stadium, Bhubaneswar, Odisha, India

Chief Coach: Farkas Zoltan

*     Weightlifting HPC is a multy-party project, involving Government of Odisha, cricket star Anil Kumble-promoted Tenvic Sports and KJS Ahluwalia Group.
*     The Weightlifting HPC has temporary set-up at KIIT University.
Odisha Government has provided the infrastructure, while Tenvic Sports is taking care of the rest.
*     There are plans to move the HPC to a bigger centre in the coming months with more equipment, better facilities and increased lifters.
*     Tenvice Sports is taking care of accommodation, food, diet and coaching of the lifters, besides handling procurement of stuff like weights, jerseys etc.
*     Tenvice Sports is also taking care of education of the trainees, most of them would be admitted to schools and colleges by the end of June.
*     Full form of Tenvic is: To Ensure Victory
*     Website of Tenvic Sports is:, Twitter: @TENVIC_Sports
*     Tenvic Sports conducted its 1st weightlifting championships in Bhubaneshwar on the 27th July, 2019.
*     As many as 41 lifters from the Tenvice academies in Odisha and Andhra Pradesh competed.
*     The centre, now situated within the KIIT campus in Bhubaneswar, currently has 12 girls and nine boys training under Iranian-British coach Kazem Punjavi.
*     Tenvice Sports scouting in charge Soumya Mitra.
*     The centre was inaugurated in February, 2019.
*     Punjavi is here on a three-year contract and previously with the British national team
*     Punjavi has prepared an individual training and diet chart prepared for every lifter depending on his/her weight category, potential and weaknesses.
*     The youngest girls at the HPC are 10-year-old Tiki Mohini and 12-year-old Thulsi Sahu.
*     Most of the trainees are 15-16 years and are expected to compete at the Junior Nationals.

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