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CTC-1324-1011 of 1981-82
A-B-15, Town Planning Market Complex, Keonjhar-758001, Odisha, India.

Chairman: Nabin Chandra Narayan Dash, Ex-Minister, Govt of Odisha (Mob: 9437005920)
President: Krushna Chandra Das (Mobile: 9437020575)
Vice-presidents: Siddhartha Sarathi Das (Mob: 9437245235), Pradipta Kumar Jena (Mob: 4938809559)
General secretary: Santosh Kumar Mohanty (Mob: 9437053764)
Joint-secretaries: Jayakrushna Prida (Mob: 9438037822), Amarendra Prusty (Mob: 7735131395)
Treasurer: Samir Kumar Mohanty (Mob: 9437077899
Executive members: Kishor Chandra Mohanty (Mob: 8093252935), Darasingh Parchha (Mob: 949835370), Subrat Patra (Mob: 8658921523), Amarjit Gadanayak (Mob: 9438626574), Sanjay Jagdev (Mob: 9861015623).

*     Odisha Taekwondo Association, Odisha is affiliated to Taekwondo Federation of India (Bengaluru) and Odisha Olympic Association.
*     OTA, which was earlier an affiliated unit of All India Taekwondo Association, had its last election in 2014 in which Santosh Kumar Mohanty was elected as the Secretary.
*     Odisha Olympics Association (OOA) recognised Santosh Kumar Mohanty as the Secretary of OTA and made it clear in a letter dated March 9, 2015 that he was going to remain in the position till 2018.
*     Chetan Anand and Santosh Kumar Mohanty were elected as president and Executive Member of Taekwondo Federation of India (TFI) in the election, held at New Delhi, for a four-year term (2016-2020), on June 26, 2016. Desite being unknown in Odisha, Anand represented OTA as its vice-president.

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